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Conservation, the key message

An engineer by profession and a lover of nature by conviction, his contact with the oceans and nature has always been constant.
As a conservationist photographer, he shares his photographic passion and his defense of ecosystems between the marine and terrestrial environment. From a very young age, photography has been his language to convey feelings and messages.

Nature Photographer

My objective is to publicize through photography the need to create the necessary sustainability and balance projects to conserve terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Documenting the beauty of nature and the changes and impacts of ecosystems in the face of imbalances typical of human activities is one of the most powerful tools that your photography offers.

Below zero level

Oceans offers one of the most wonderful ecosystem of the planet. The commercial fishing pressures, water pollution by industrial discharges, climate changes affecting salinity endager the full life. We must be there to documentate the negative affects and the beauties that lies on the magical underwater world.

Sharing messages

Multi-winner in different nature photography competitions, national and international. Jury and speaker at various photography contests and competitions. He currently teaches photography courses and continues to document marine and terrestrial ecosystems across the planet from a conservation point of view.

Preservation-Awareness-Education, our commitment

Preservation, Awareness and Education is my obsession. We must CONSERVE what we have as an inheritance for our future generations. The way we can preserve the ecosystems is to make humanity AWARE of the fragility of these natural environments. Through EDUCATIONAL programs and messages we can achieve our main objectives - The conservation of wildlife and ecosystems.

Land of thousand Dreams

Oceans Secrets

Sharing the planet

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